Steel wall board / magazine board

Steel wall board / magazine board

Wall plate 80cm x 35cm | Black steel or blue steel
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Steel wall plate / magazine plate

A cool item for your home!
Because of the elastic leather strap, it is ideal to use for decoratively putting down some nice magazines.
Or use it in the kitchen for the cookbooks.
On the right part of the wallboard you can hang something nice with the leather magnetic strips that come with it. 

This wall plate is made of steel, which perfectly matches leather!  The steel is beautifully finished with a protective powder coating. 
There is a choice of blue steel or black.

Blue steel
Blue steel is not just any steel! 
Deep blue, sometimes almost black in color and suitable for many unique applications.
This special product is created by hot rolling the steel. This creates the unique flame structure.
Did you know that every piece of blue steel looks different?
This results in quirky products.  And one product will have a more pronounced flame structure than another.
The bluesteel is transparently matte coated. This keeps the color and appearance of the steel clearly visible!

- Steel wall plate: 80 x 35cm

- Narrow shelf at the bottom: 80 x 5 cm

- 4 short magnetic strips: 10 x 1.5 cm

31 colors
Sometimes choosing a color can be very difficult! But we are happy to help you with that! For example, you can order samples from us. Then you can see the colors in real life. But also take a look at our 'inspiration' page for fun new ideas and inspiration. Or feel free to contact us for advice.



  • 80 x 35cm
  • Elastic leather strap
  • Narrow shelf at bottom: 80 x 5cm
  • 4 short magnetic strips: 10 x 1.5cm
  • 2x black screws + dowels