About the leather

Handles and more products are made of 100% leather.
The leather we use is versatile, beautiful, durable and good quality.
Vegetable tanned leather processed in the traditional way in a tannery in the Netherlands.

  • The (cow) leather we use is originally from Europe. (Mainly Germany and Italy).
  • This is then processed in the tannery in the Netherlands.
  • And from this leather our products are designed and manufactured by our own team in the Netherlands.

Leather is made from animal skins. The hides and skins are a residual product of the meat and dairy industry. Processing them into leather is the best use for these hides.
Not only are the hides a residual product that is well utilized in this way, but the hides are also split and used in different layers.
Sometimes, as with cow hides, they are too thick to be processed. The hide of a cow can be 5 to 10 millimeters thick and is then often divided into 2 or even 3 layers.

The top layer of hide is the strongest (grain leather) and is usually used for consumer goods that need to withstand a bit more. Think sofas, chairs, shoes, car upholstery, etc.
For the leather home accessories we make, we don't need the top layer, so we use the layer underneath.
So we turn what could be called a leftover product into beautiful and quality home accessories.
As a company, we think it's important to consider the environment in order to have a better future.

So find one of your favorite items in the store.
A home accessory that has come about after a long process and has been designed and produced with great pleasure. A unique handles and more design!

Nederlandse Leer looierij

Questions and Answers 

Are the animals killed for the leather?
No, the hides come from animals raised for food. This represents 99% of the leather in the world. The hide is a waste product. Tanners and manufacturers ensure that this versatile material does not end up in the landfill. 


Is leather sustainable?
Yes. It turns food industry waste that would otherwise be thrown away into products we use in our daily lives.


Is leather environmentally friendly? 
The use of chemicals in the leather industry is subject to strict requirements.
It is manufactured in a responsible, highly regulated and certified manner with strong environmental credentials. Leather is a by-product of the food industry that keeps approximately 10 million tons of waste out of landfills each year.

Where does the leather come from?
The leather we use for our products is cowhide from Europe. (Mainly Germany and Italy)