Leather split-shelf straps

Leather split-shelf straps

Set of 2 leather split-shelf carriers | refined, subtle and elegant
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Leather Split Shelf Carriers

This new sophisticated version of the popular leather shelf bearers is both playful, and subtle and elegant. It is the counterpart of the original tougher leather shelf carrier straps.

Do you prefer an airy sophistication? Then these long, slimline shelf supports will definitely fit in with your interior!  And with 32 colors of leather to choose from, your favorite color is sure to be among them! The split has no fixed size. This allows you to choose how wide or narrow you place the straps apart. 

The leather split-board carriers have subtle black decorative screws.  With these decorative screws, the product is easily mounted, and beautifully finished. The head of the screw is threaded so that the cover can easily be screwed on. 

32 colors

Sometimes choosing a color can be tricky, but we're here to help! You can order samples from us so you can see the colors in real life first. Also take a look at inspiration, or feel free to contact us for advice.

Because leather is a natural product, the color and structure may vary slightly per piece of leather. But per order, it will be delivered matching.


  • Set of 2
  • Incl. 2x black decorative screws
  • Load capacity: 12kg
  • Width of straps: 6mm
  • Suitable for a shelf of 20-25cm wide/deep.
  • Height: 27-31cm (when hung with a shelf inside) The height depends on the width of the shelf.

Leather shelf racks in various colors

If you want to order leather shelf racks, then you are in the webshop of Handles and More at the right place. Within our webshop, you always have a wide choice of leather shelf racks of the best quality. Of course, all our products are handmade, and convince by their fantastic quality. With leather shelf racks you can provide each room in the house with a unique eye-catcher.

Shelves and shelves are indispensable in your interior. They can have a practical function, but they can also be used as wall decoration. Think of a wooden shelf with nice plants and candles. Also in the kitchen shelves are indispensable. They give you the storage space you need. For example, to store herbs or other kitchen utensils.

Although a scaffold wood shelf or other shelf of wood so much atmosphere, in many cases this is nullified by metal shelf supports. These tools ensure that the shelf gets its strength, but mainly have a practical function. With the leather shelf supports from the webshop of Handles and More that is a thing of the past. This way you give every wooden shelf the allure it needs.

Leather shelf racks in trendy colors

Our leather shelf racks are available in a wide variety of colors. So you can easily match the supports to the colors that are present in your interior. You can think of colors such as natural brown, black or another trendy shade. Of course, our leather shelf racks are delivered as a set of 2 including a perfectly finished attachment. Also there you have the choice between black, brass or nickel.

Besides leather shelf racks you will also find a wide range of leather handles in our webshop. So you can easily give your interior a completely different look. Our leather handles are multifunctional. Think of leather handles for the kitchen cabinets, the drawers of the sideboard or as a leather loop for the guest towels on the toilet. Ordering leather shelf supports is very easy at Handles and More.

After you have made your choice, we always ensure a smooth processing and shipment. So you never have to wait long for your leather shelf racks. Of course we want to provide you with the best service. So you can simply exchange or return your order within 14 days. We even ship orders above € 30.00 completely free of charge.