Leather cushion straps

Leather cushion straps

Per set of 2 bands | Cushions give the finishing touch to your interior. And especially in combination with these leather cushion straps.
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Leather cushion bands

Bands of leather, with which you can hang your cushions on the wall.
Cushions add the finishing touch to your interior. And especially in combination with these leather cushion straps.

30 colors
Sometimes choosing a color can be tricky, but we're here to help!
You can order samples from us, so you can see the colors in real life first. But also take a look at inspiration, or feel free to contact us for advice.

3 sizes
Cushions come in many different sizes.
To determine the size of the leather cushion straps, it is important to know how many cm the height of the cushion is.

  • Cushion height: 30cm
  • Cushion height: 40cm
  • Cushion height: 50cm

(If the size of the cushion is in between, choose for the largest size)

With the included decorative screws, the product is easily mounted, and nicely finished. But the bands are halfway attached to the wall with a screw as well, so the cushions remain nice and flat against the wall.
The head of the screw is threaded so that the cover can easily be screwed on.

Choose from 4 colors of decorative screws.


  • Per set of 2
  • 3 sizes; cushion height 30cm, 40cm and 50cm
  • including 2x decorative screws + dowels
    • With the included decorative screws the product is easily mounted, and beautifully finished. In the head of the screw is threaded so that the cover can easily be screwed on. 
  • including 2x wall screw + dowels
    • The cushion straps are attached to the wall with another screw halfway through, so that the cushions stay nice and flat against the wall.


Leather cushion straps

Home accessories add the finishing touch to a home. Without decoration, a house often does not really feel like home. By filling the house with beautiful things that suit your taste and your style, you can make a house a home. It is therefore very important that you look at what suits your home and personal taste, and what may still be missing. Let's look at the bedroom. You need the standard furniture like a bed and a closet, but you also want the room to feel nice when you enter it.

Maybe you make sure of this by hanging up a nice mirror or by means of a nice rug. You can also use cushions to make your room more atmospheric. Pillows can be a good addition to the colors in the room. How beautiful will it be if you use cushion straps to attach a cushion to the wall behind the bed? This really gives the room a finishing touch! Especially in combination with a leather pendant lamp.

Why use leather cushion straps?

Leather cushion straps are ideal for neatly hanging up cushions. This way you get a sleek look in the room. You can easily make the bed and with a cushion on the wall your bed will look a little cozier. Of course, you can always set the mood by looking at what color pillows you use in combination with the leather cushion straps. If you go for yellow cushions, the room will be a little more cheerful. Suppose you go for dark blue or dark red, then the room can get a more mysterious look. The leather cushion bands are available in different sizes, depending on the size of the cushions you want to hang.

Which leather cushion straps are right for you?

Choosing can always be a challenge, especially if your choice will affect how your room will look. Therefore, it is smart to think carefully about which leather cushion straps will best suit your taste and your room. With up to 30 different colors, there is certainly plenty of choice! It is only a matter of figuring out which color you want! Fortunately, we are happy to help you with this. You can order samples of different colors from us. This way you can test how the colors look in your home and make a well-considered decision. Do not wait any longer and order samples or contact us for questions or advice.