Clothing rack / Coat rack on leather straps

Clothing rack / Coat rack on leather straps

adjustable in height | choice of 19 colors of leather and 2 types of rods
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Clothing rack / Coat rack on leather straps

Are you looking for a unique clothing rack or coat rack?
Then this one could be a nice solution. Use it for your clothes in the bedroom, or as a showpiece in the hall.
For the rod you can choose from (beech) round wood, black metal or copper.

The clothes rack consists of 2 adjustable leather straps. With in between a rod / tube.
The leather straps are adjustable in height from 97 cm to 107 cm.
(This is measured from the ceiling, to the bottom of the coat rack)

19 colors
Sometimes choosing a color is a bit tricky, but we'll be happy to help you out!
You can order samples from us, so you can see the colors in real life first. But also take a look at inspiration, or feel free to contact us for advice.

At the top of the leather straps there are 2 rings with which the clothes rack can be hung on (the supplied) ceiling hooks.

Need another size?
Would you prefer the leather straps and/or rod in a different size? Then you can make a request by mail, to
(Longer than the options listed is unfortunately not possible. Shorter is possible)


  • Rod diameter: 28mm
  • Load capacity: 25kg
  • 10cm height adjustable, from 97 to 107 cm
  • Width leather strap: 3cm
    • Incl. 2x black ceiling hook + plug
      At the top of the leather bands are 2 rings with which the clothes rack can be hung on (the supplied) ceiling hooks.

Clothing / Coat rack on leather straps

Everyone has clothes. Some more than others, but still these clothes have to be stored somewhere. It's just not that convenient to put all those clothes on a pile in the corner of your room. It's also a shame to put all your beautiful clothes in a closet where you can't see them, or where it's so full that everything is crammed together and wrinkled. Is your closet too small as well? Or have you just moved and are you still looking for a place to store your clothes? If this is the case, then a clothes/coat rack with leather straps might be just the thing for you.

Getting the perfect clothes rack

A clothes rack that is not only efficient but also decorates the room sounds too good to be true. Yet that is exactly what you get with a leather strap clothes rack. This clothes rack will look great in your room, and you can hang your clothes up so that they stay nice and taut. The clothes rack consists of two leather straps and between these straps is a tube. The bands are adjustable, so you can decide how high or low the rack hangs. To hang the clothing rack, two ceiling hooks must be attached to the ceiling. Then the two rings attached to the leather straps can be used to hang the clothing rack from the hooks attached to the ceiling.

Complete your home with a beautiful coat rack

Not only can this beautiful product be used as a clothes rack. No, this product is also perfect to use in the hall as a coat rack. Make your hallway complete with this coat rack. To make sure the coat rack really suits your home and the atmosphere you are trying to create, you can order it in as many as 26 different colors. From mint to orange, nothing is too crazy. If you are still not sure which color suits you and your home, we would love to help you out! Do not hesitate to contact us and who knows, maybe you will get compliments on your new coat rack from your guests.

Feel free to ask us for advice on the clothes or coat rack on leather straps

If you are still unsure how you want to use the clothes/coat rack on leather straps in your home, you can always contact us. We like to think along and give you a better impression of the various possibilities. Do not wait any longer to complete your home with a beautiful coat rack or clothing rack. Do you like this home accessory as well? Then also check out our leather candleholders.